Specializing in high quality construction for high rises, hotels, condominiums, medical centers, skyscrapers and more.

When you need a high rise metal framing expert who adds value to every level, think Collazo.

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Collazo Construction brings high-rise expertise and high quality results to the job site every day. We have a higher professional standard that makes your project easier to manage. We bring your architectural aesthetics and engineering demands to life.

Three Key Benefits:
• High quality workmanship
• High rise expert
• Tech-savvy

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Built around meeting the demands of the engineers and architects, Collazo is dedicated to bringing technology to the job site. Getting answers, information and data transferred faster saves everyone time and money. We are committed to leveraging technology to help transform your blueprints to solid craftsmanship.

From the crew on site to our office staff, we are here to earn your trust through unrivaled service, technology, and reliability.

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